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Key & Lock Policy

All locks, including tenant suites, at Dominion Towers are keyed to a building master key system. This is necessary for the nightly janitorial services, as well as other building personnel who may be required to respond to emergencies that may arise.

As a standard policy of the building, we re-key each suite before new tenants move in. This ensures the security of that space.

Each tenant will be provided with an adequate number of suite keys prior to its move in to the building. Additional keys may be requested through the building’s online work order system for a modest charge. Such requests should be made at least two (2) days before the keys are needed. NOTE: All locks are keyed to the building master key.

It is important that suite keys not be duplicated through other reproduction means. Doing so would jeopardize the building key control system and compromise the security of your leased premises.

All key-related questions should be directed to the Property Management Office at 303.628.1130.