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Amenity Rules & Regulations

Click here to download the Amenity Rules & Regulations.

Fitness Facilities
Rules and Regulations

  1. Use of the Fitness Facilities is limited to tenants of Dominion Towers only. No guests are allowed.
  2. You may not use the Fitness Facilities unless you have read, understood and signed the Waiver and Release of Claims.
  3. Do not bring food or drinks into the Fitness Facilities (other than water bottles).
  4. Wear shirts, appropriate shorts or sweat pants and athletic shoes when using the Fitness Facilities.
  5. Please do not enter the Fitness Facilities with oil or grease on your shoes.
  6. Bring a towel when using the equipment to wipe off your perspiration.
  7. Observe the 30-minute maximum on bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines when others are waiting.
  8. Return all equipment to the racks after use.
  9. IMPORTANT: do not use equipment unless you fully understand written instructions on proper use.
  10. To protect your belongings, use a lock to secure them in a locker while you are using the Fitness Facilities. Locks left overnight may be removed by the building management. Neither Landlord nor building management will be responsible for any personal property left within the Fitness Facilities, including any items stored in lockers.
  11. Report any injuries or problems immediately to building management.
  12. Offensive behavior of any kind will NOT be tolerated in the Fitness Facilities. You may be removed from the Fitness Facilities for any such behavior and multiple instances of offensive behavior may result in the permanent loss of use of the Fitness Facilities. Any behavior you feel is inappropriate should be reported to building management immediately.
  13. As a courtesy to others, music may be played on personal headphones only. No speakers allowed when others are present.

SkyDeck Lounge
Rules and Regulations

  1. Floor 19N will remain on card access only.
  2. The SkyDeck will be available for tenant use each day from 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM only.
  3. The SkyDeck may be reserved for private events on a limited basis. The cost to reserve the deck is $300 for the first two hours and $100 for each additional hour. Reservations can begin as early as 3:00 PM.
  4. Before scheduling a caterer, please verify that they meet our insurance requirements.
  5. Smoking is prohibited. No open flames allowed.
  6. Use of the SkyDeck is limited to areas within the space defined by the interior railing system.
  7. No throwing of items, spitting, or otherwise allowing anything over the railing or edge of building.
  8. No alcohol is allowed without prior approval from Building Management. Approval will be granted only to caterers meeting specific requirements.
  9. No glass is allowed.
  10. Umbrellas must remain attached to their base. Only Building Management Staff are permitted to remove umbrellas.
  11. Tethered furniture must remain tethered at all times.
  12. Loud music is not permitted.
  13. All waste must be disposed of in proper containers.

The Tenant Amenities are for the enjoyment of all Dominion Towers tenants and their employees.
Please assist us in maintaining these facilities' cleanliness by disposing of all trash in the receptacles provided. Please report any problems immediately to the Building Management.

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