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Stairwell Safety Instructions

The building has four stairwells. The stairwells are the lifelines of a high-rise building. In an emergency event, occupants must use them to evacuate their floor and the fire department will use them to get to the fire.

The stairwell walls are fire rated for two hours and the stairwells are pressurized with fresh outside air to keep out smoke. Emergency lighting is tied into the emergency generator. Designated stairwell doors that are kept locked from the stairwell side will automatically unlock during a fire condition allowing reentry.

Use safe stairwell exit procedures including:

  • Remain calm and quiet
  • Remove high heeled shoes
  • Exit in a single file and keep to the right using hand rails
  • Move quickly, but do not run
  • Assist those who may have trouble on the stairs or who have been injured
  • Treat injuries on stairwell landings only and only when safe to do so

Life Safety Systems Components and Functions

Dominion Towers’ Life Safety System includes fire sprinklers throughout the building, a complete fire detection and alarm system, a smoke evacuation system, a building public address system, and an emergency control station with computerized monitoring. Enhance and test your safety skills on our Online Tenant Life Safety Training to view the visual on-line life safety presentation.