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Building Access

Building Entry

Building entrances to Dominion Towers are unlocked during building hours, Monday through Friday. Tenants requiring access to the office tower during off-hours simply utilize their elevator access card to gain access to the building’s main entrance and their floors.

The elevators are locked down Monday - Thursday 6:00 PM to 7:00 AM and Friday at 6:00 PM through Monday at 7:00 AM. Access card readers are located in each elevator for tenants needing after-hours access to their floors.

Access Cards

Access cards are provided to tenant employees through approved tenant representatives.

At tenant move-in, an authorized representative should contact the Hines Management Office for access to Building Engines and to request access cards. Any time a new employee is hired, an access card is lost, or the access status of an employee changes, an authorized requestor should make the request through the on-line work order system.

There is a $20.00 non-refundable fee for each Dominion Towers access card purchase over the allotment prescribed in your lease agreement or for any replacements for access cards that have been lost.

After-Hours Sign-In / Out

The Security Officers/Attendants have been instructed to admit only those individuals who have been authorized for after-hours access. Tenants requesting after-hours access for their guests or vendors should request using Building Engines, the online tenant request system. Authorized guests will be “checked-in” via Building Engines and will be provided access to your floor.