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Dominion Towers is equipped with a total of sixteen (16) elevators.

Eleven (11) passenger elevators serve the North and South Towers, two (2) elevators provide access to the parking garage, and three (3) freight elevators servicing the North Tower, South Tower High Rise and South Tower Low Risewhich are used for building services and deliveries.

Reserving Freight Elevators

Freight elevators may be reserved for Tenant moves by contacting the Management Office at 303.628.1130. Pallets and/or pallet jacks are not permitted. In addition, passenger elevators may not be used for moves.

The capacity and dimensions of the freight elevators are:
Height: 8’1"
Width: 6'8"
Depth: 5'8"
Doors: 3’6” Wide x 7’ High
Weight Capacity: 3,500 lbs.